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Working in cleaning business for years we deal with different cleaning issues and answer different questions every day and I can tell you that one of the most frequently asked and frustrating questions for our clients is “how to get rid of mold in the bathroom”. We live in the area where humidity is often very high and so mold growth in homes is ongoing problem. Mold can be found in the shower and bathtub, in the bathroom sink or basin, in the bathroom drain, on tiles and grout around them and even on bathroom door and window frames. Mold is aesthetically unpleasant and causes a number of health problems. If you or your family member have been experiencing respiratory problems, eye or skin irritation, wheezing or asthma, mold might be the cause.

Here are some tips to avoid mold:

  • Clean your basin and bathtub regularly to remove grime from body oils and soap scum which create a food source for mold.
  • Do not let your drain get clogged. Mold can easy grow in your drain. Clean it yourself or ask your cleaning lady to clean drain with a brush.
  • Store your shampoo bottles, old soaps, beauty products on a shelf which remains dry during showering. Do not let them stay wet on your wet bathtub corners for a long time.
  • During showering/taking a bath run the bath fans. Leave it for half an hour after. It will help to avoid moisture.
  • After a bath /shower squeegee water off the tile walls. If you cannot do it regularly make sure to wash and dry off your tile walls at least once in two weeks.
  • From time to time check underneath all the sinks. Make sure there are no leaks to trigger mold growth.
  • Wash and dry regularly your non-slip bath mat.
  • Use bath curtains made from washable materials such as cotton, hemp or nylon instead of vinyl or plastic.
  • If mold has began to grow in your bathroom, it is better to remove it immediately. Do not use vinegar, baking soda or bleach. They only make the problem much worse: in some months mold will pop up stronger than ever. If mold has began to grow under the sealer, the only way to get rid of it is to remove and replace the sealer after cleaning walls with special chemicals.
  • Professional cleaners know how to remove mold at first stages without harm for your health and property.

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