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A good advice on plastic shower curtain

Hello everyone!
We all have a shower curtain and a plastic shower liner. While there are no questions with the curtain-we just wash it, we rarely consider cleaning the plastic liner.
Shower liners accumulate bacteria and mold due to frequent use and should be cleaned once a month to prevent this build up and help create a neat and good looking bathroom.
Yes, plastic liners may be affordable and easy to replace when they get dirty but the cost adds up over time and also it is not good for the environment. Instead of throwing out your dirty liner wash it in your washing machine or by hand. It’s easy !
If you are washing by hand, soak it in the bathtub and scrub with a soft brush or a sponge and soda or regular detergent, then rinse and hang to dry.
If your plastic liner looks decent and haven’t got built up of ? mildew or mold yet, just toss it in the washing machine, add a cotton bath towel or several bath towels to help with scrubbing , choose delicate or handwash cycles with slow speeds. Use small amount of detergent.
If your liner has already accumulated mildew, mold or other buildup, prewash it in the bathtub as said above, add a little of white vinegar, vinegar kills 82% of mold species, rinse and then wash it in the washing machine with cotton towels and on safe cycles. Hang the liner to dry. Never use the dryer as your plastic liner can be damaged by the hit.